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Shockout Dampers Instructions

STEP 1: Verify Size
Make sure that the dampers (anti-vibration) are suitable for your racket. Currently they are produced for holes with a diameter of 11.5-13 mm, which is the most common size. However, we plan to expand the range with other sizes.

You can measure the diameter of the holes in your racket with the picture on the side of the box or with a traditional measuring tool (meter, ruler, etc.).

STEP 2: Installing the Dampers
Choose the holes in which the dampers should be placed. Place the narrowest part of the damper into the hole and push it in until the widest part snaps into place beneath the surface, locking the damper into place. Repeat this step on the other side of the racket.

Each hole requires two dampers (1 hole = 2 dampers).

STEP 3: Ready to Use
Now you're ready to go! Enjoy all the benefits of ShockOut Padel. The dampeners can be spread over the entire surface of the racket. You can choose the middle (sweet spot) or move them up or down depending on your preference for more power or control.

By experimenting with damper placement you can find the damper that best suits your playing style. You will notice that the game becomes more comfortable, the racket feels firmer and more stable, and all without vibration.

Follow these simple steps to correctly install your ShockOut dampers and enjoy an improved Padel experience!

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